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Swan Lake The Great Show Returns In Spain

If there is a ballet that usually arouses great interest, it is Swan Lake . As an example, it is enough to remember that last month he could be seen at the Liceu choreographed by John Cranko and that next weekend he will also arrive at the Condal with the Barcelona Ballet.

But now we have the opportunity to see one of the most authentic, that of the Moscow Ballet , which has been installed at the Tivoli Theater until June 13 (and, due to the success, they will return from July 7 to 11) which is a waste of elegance and virtuositythat hypnotizes even the last of the spectators.

A story of love and passion with fantastic elements with the delicious score by Tchaikovsky that, by itself, is an attraction. This version is divided into the four traditional acts with an intermission of about 20 minutes, approximately two and a half hours in total that are passed in one breath.

These performances are part of the Dance Again Tour, which represents the return to the stage of this company that is now more than 30 years old and has been unable to perform for a year and a half. And it shows in the enthusiasm and care they put into each step.

Its director and founder, Timur Fayziev has explained that, during this time, they have had weekly meetings through the Internet, both group and individual, between teachers and dancers in order to continue improving and the bonds that unite them as one have been strengthened. big family. The ballet has helped them to cope with the situation and now they want to transfer it to us by offering a great show, something that we also missed.

The prince and the swan
The first act takes place in the garden of the castle of the prince, who celebrates his birthday surrounded by his friends and his mother warns him that, the next day, a great party will be held and he must choose his wife. The waltz scene starts the first great applause and the costumes, with multiple bright elements, become another of its attractions.

Solos, duets and choral scenes follow one another with technical precision, beauty and plasticity, and the presence of the funny jester stands out, who jokes with gestures with the audience whenever he has the chance.

The prince goes hunting in the second act and finds himself on the shore of the lake with the castle in the background. There he will meet Odette, on whom a curse weighs and has turned into a swan, and will fall in love with her, begging her to attend the palace ball so that he can choose her as his princess. But, among them, is the threatening presence of the sorcerer who enchanted her, represented with large wings and smoke effects.

They are the most anticipated scenes, with the dance of the swans and a perfect synchronization between the dancers. The music delves into romanticism and the torn violin fills the atmosphere with mystery and tension. The end of this stretch is packed with emotion and recognizable melodies. During the break more than one gets caught up in the performance and hums the music in the lobby.

The party and the outcome
The third part is the liveliest and takes place inside the castle, it is the great party in which the jester, playful and fun, takes center stage again, and the arrival of the guests reveals an attractive, very colorful wardrobe .

The prince dances with the various suitors and the Hungarian, Spanish (the most easily recognizable) and Neapolitan dances follow one another with rhythm and brilliance. To all this, the sorcerer has introduced a black swan to confuse the prince who falls into the trap and promises his love to the wrong person.

We come to the end, the shortest and most dramatic act, where the young man will return to the lake to try to recover his beloved and face the evil one with the intention of breaking the spell. Highlights the beautiful color contrast between black and white swans with details of great plasticity and perfection of the soloists, Cristina Terentiev and Aleksander Petrichenko, that leave you with your mouth open more than one time.

You don’t have to be an expert in dance (even boys and girls with satisfied faces were seen in the room) to enjoy its beauty, quality and dedication that gives us back the pleasure of seeing a large-format show, a ballet with capital letters.

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