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Messi Leaves FC Barcelona Due To Economic And Structural Obstacles

Lionel Messi leaves FC Barcelona. The Barça club confirmed this Thursday that the Argentine player, its banner in the last 15 years, will not sign a new contract with the entity after negotiations that have dragged on for months. This, therefore, is free and may sign for another team.

The entity chaired by Joan Laporta stated in a statement that an agreement had been reached “with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today.” Something that “cannot be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles (Spanish LaLiga regulations)”.

FC Barcelona directly indicates the limits that LaLiga imposes on each club to register its sports team, within its economic control system. This limit is set according to the income of each club, deducting its structural costs and debt payments.

The drop in income and the high debt of FC Barcelona has reduced its salary margin for this season, which it exceeded , something that it could only solve by getting rid of the highest chips of its expensive squad, something that has not happened. In addition, the club has signed four new players during the summer, whose registration was also in the air if Messi continued.

Laporta himself insisted in recent days that negotiations with the Argentine were progressing “adequately”, although he also asked LaLiga for more “flexibility” in order to register the star. “Faced with this situation, Lionel Messi will not continue linked to FC Barcelona. Both parties deeply regret that the wishes of both the player and the club cannot finally be fulfilled, ”said Barcelona.

The fact that his contract ended on June 30 did not play in favor of Messi’s renewal either. From that moment on, his renewal was counted as a signing. When the culé club exceeds the salary limit, it can only register new incorporations for a value equivalent to 25% of the savings obtained by capital gains on the sale of players or by saving salaries. LaLiga also warned that a contract in which the salary was distributed over 10 years, despite the fact that he was only part of the squad in two, was not valid either.

As reported by El Mundo in January, the contract that linked Messi with FC Barcelona and that expired in June amounted to 138 million gross per year, about 75 million net. As reported in recent weeks, Messi would have agreed to reduce the file by 50% to fit into the tight salary margin of the club. Everything has been insufficient and Barcelona, ​​and LaLiga, lose their main asset.

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