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Justice About Whether AstraZeneca Must Deliver All Doses To EU

Justice will dictate in weeks whether AstraZeneca must deliver all the doses to the EU and be fined for delay. The EU wants to force pharmaceutical companies to assign patents for the vaccine at an affordable price.

The Belgian Justice will decide in the coming weeks whether the AstraZeneca company should immediately deliver all the vaccines promised to the European Union and be fined for the delay if it extends beyond June, after the trial of the first lawsuit of the EU against the pharmaceutical company will be seen for sentence this Friday.

Justice About Whether AstraZeneca Must Deliver All Doses To EU.

The European Commission, with the endorsement of the Twenty-seven, presented two consecutive lawsuits in the Belgian courts against AstraZeneca, the first to decide on urgent precautionary measures that would force the company to fulfill its contract and a second, whose first hearing will not be held until September, to decide on the fund and possible compensation.

The EU went to the ordinary courts after failing to get the laboratory to comply with what was signed in an amicable manner and thereby tries to force the delivery of the 300 million doses signed with AstraZeneca no later than September, although the initial deadline expired in June.

In the emergency procedure whose last hearing was held this Friday, the EU intends to force AstraZeneca to reach 120 million doses delivered to European countries before the end of June.

The judge has indicated that she will issue a sentence within the legal deadlines, this is a maximum of one month , although her intention is not to exhaust the calendar and decide as soon as possible, according to judicial sources.

In addition to the urgent supply of the doses, the lawyers of the European Commission and the countries of the bloc demand in the courts a penalty of 10 euros per day for each dose not delivered as of July 1.

In addition, they claim another fine of 10 million euros per day if the laboratory does not respect its contractual obligations, such as using all the production plants included in the contract, starting from the day the Belgian judges give their verdict.

The defense of the Anglo-Swedish laboratory, for its part, has asked the judge who is handling the case to set a ceiling on the sanction of 200 million euros a day at most, something that the lawyers of the European prosecution reject outright, they have explained the sources consulted by Europa Press.

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