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Subsidy For People Over 52 In Spain And Its Requirements By Mark1199

Those people who are 52 years of age or older and have exhausted their unemployment benefit have the possibility to apply for an allowance for citizens who are over this age. It is an amount that is granted until the beneficiary meets the requirements to access retirement .

Requirements to access the subsidy for people over 52 years of age
In order to access this benefit, the Administration establishes a series of requirements:

– Being unemployed .

– Not have the status of a permanent discontinuous worker .

– Be 52 years or older .

– Be registered as a job seeker for one month after the unemployment benefit runs out.

– Not having rejected a job offer during this month.

– Not having rejected any training course during this month.

– Lack of any income that exceeds 75% of the minimum interprofessional salary .

– Have contributed for retirement for 15 years, two of which must be within the last 15 years.

– Have contributed unemployment contributions for a minimum of 6 years throughout their working life.

How to apply for the subsidy for people over 52 years of age?
The interested party can submit the application to receive unemployment benefit for those over 52 years of age through:

– The electronic headquarters of the SEPE.

– At the benefits office, by appointment.

– In any public registry office.

– By administrative mail.

On the other hand, to request the benefit it is necessary to present certain documentation :

Work proposes a single unemployment benefit of 452 euros from 2022
Work proposes a single unemployment benefit of 452 euros from 2022

– DNI or NIE.

– Any bank document that contains the account number where you wish to receive the benefit.

– A proof of income.

On the other hand, to maintain the right to the subsidy, it will be necessary to justify that the beneficiary continues to meet the requirement of lack of income . To do this, you will have to submit to the State Public Employment Service a statement of your income every twelve months.

This obligation arises from the date on which the subsidy begins to be received or from the date on which it was resumed for the last time. The deadline for submitting this declaration is 15 days from the date in which the twelve months are completed.

If you do not submit this statement within the indicated period, the payment of the subsidy and the Social Security contribution will be interrupted . On the other hand, workers who receive the subsidy for those over 52 years of age may sign a Special Agreement, through the Provincial Directorates of the General Social Security Treasury, to complete the retirement contribution made by the Public Employment Service State.

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