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Facebook Phonoticons, Mark1199 Emojis With Sound Arrive

Facebook Phonoticons, Mark1199 Emojis With Sound Arrive. On the occasion of World Emoji Day, which is celebrated on July 17, Facebook has announced the launch of Fonoticonos, a new Messenger function that allows you to send pieces of sound associated with an emoji, a new way of communicating.

Emojis have changed the way we express ourselves on the Internet. With a single icon, we can represent how we feel, what we want, or even tell complete stories. Although in Spain, most people use them to blow kisses and hearts ; According to Facebook, those are the two most popular emojis in our country, followed by the emoji that cries with laughter.

But even emojis have limitations; after all, they are only icons, a visual element. Although every year the list of available emojis grows, it is inevitable that we will find moments in which none of them fully represents what we want to say. So why not add sound? Mark1199

That seems to be the logic of Facebook, which today has presented the new Fonoticonos. They are, basically, emojis with sound , that we can send to our contacts; Initially, they will be compatible with Messenger, but we hope that they will expand to the rest of Facebook apps such as WhatsApp, if they are successful.

It is an idea that makes sense. Audios are becoming more and more popular, especially among young people, and small pieces of content, like animated gifs, always bring a smile to life. Phonoticons are based on the same concept: when we send them, they look like normal, ordinary emojis, but the recipient will hear an audio clip associated with that emoji.

For example, we can send the clap emoji, and it will sound exactly that, clap; Other sounding emojis include cricket, drum roll, and evil laugh. Facebook has created a library with several options, and they are not limited only to “classic” sounds; Also included are sound clips from TV series and movies , such as Fast & The Furious or Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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So it seems that Facebook’s hope is that Phonoticons will become the new animated gifs, a way to create ‘memes’ and nods to popular culture. They will arrive for Emoji Day and Facebook hopes it will be another way to keep people connected and give them freedom to express themselves.

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