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Italy And Germany Announced To Begin Mass Vaccination Of Entire Population

The mass vaccination campaign against covid-19 is progressing in the European Union (EU). In Italy, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza , has communicated that as of this Thursday all adults who are in the country, regardless of age or medical condition, will be able to request an appointment to be vaccinated with one of the four vaccines authorized in the country ( AstraZeneca , Moderna , Pfizer and Janssen ).

Germany will follow the same path. And it is that this Wednesday the coalition government headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel has approved the suppression of the vaccination groups as of June 7, which means that, starting next Monday, those over 12 years old will be able to request an appointment to receive your dose against the coronavirus

Campaign in Italy
“We accelerate the campaign to overcome a very difficult stage. Happy feast of the Republic to all,” commented the minister, referring to the recurrence, which is celebrated today in the country. The announcement comes shortly after the Italian Agency for Medications will inform that adolescents over 12 years of age may also be vaccinated with Pfizer.

“This Italy is a country alive, strong and eager to start over,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi had already said on Tuesday , on the same day that ISTAT, the Italian INE, reported that progress in the field health services coincide with an upward revision of the previous GDP growth forecast, which in the first three months grew by 0.1%.

To date, Italy has supplied more than 35.4 million doses against the coronavirus and some 12.2 million individuals have already completed the vaccination cycle, the equivalent of 22.6% of the population over 12 years of age, according to the Italian Ministry of Health.

The goal Rome set for itself in March is that by September 80% of the population will have received at least one dose, a task that, however, also depends a lot on how the regions will be organized.

Search for the “lost”
For this reason, despite the good news, a few days ago the commissioner for the management of the pandemic, General Francesco Figliuolo, expressed his concern about the “lost” of the campaign, people not yet vaccinated although they should have already received a vaccine. “Look for them,” was the slogan, according to the Italian press.

With this as a premise, it has been reported that the activity of the Army’s mobile medical teams will be intensified so that they travel to the most remote areas of the country, where in particular the elderly and other fragile subjects have greater difficulties to move around and access the facilities. Virtual vaccination registration platforms.

“There are 28 mobile teams and to date some 40,000 people have been vaccinated, including the vaccinations carried out in the smaller islands,” a spokesman for the Defense General Staff, Giulio Macari, explained to this journalist a few days ago, adding that some of these units began to work already on March 26.

In turn, in some regions such as Lazio (Rome), they have already begun to administer the single-dose Janssen vaccine in pharmacies, and GPs have begun to accept reservations for the administration in their studies. An obstacle could be anti-vaccine movements , but even so, according to an April study by the Fondazione Italia in Salute, only 7.5% of the Italian population would be strongly “against” receiving the vaccine, and only 9, 9% would be part of the category of the “perplexed”.

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