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Andreu Mas-Colell Is Appointed As Vice President Of Barcelona Global

Mas-Colell, appointed vice president of Barcelona Global. The entity recognizes the ‘ex-minister’ and offers its support in “these delicate moments for him”.

The executive committee of Barcelona Global has decided today to appoint the ‘minister’ of Economy, Andreu Mas-Colell, vice president of the association. This decision takes place in the heat of controversy by the more than 5 million that it demands in Court of Accounts to ex-members of the Government and of the Catalan administration, among them Mas-Colell.

According to Barcelona Global, the ‘ex-minister’ has been since the creation of this association “one of the most active and committed partners”, and “has contributed enormously to consolidating this entity”. In turn, he has been part of the executive committees chaired by Gonzalo Rodés, Pau Guardans and the current one, headed by Autora Catà.

Barcelona Global highlights that Mas-Colell “is one of the most brilliant academics in the country and of great international recognition.” This appointment is intended to “recognize his work and support him at this delicate moment for him.”

Science, innovation, talent and universities
The entity, which has business and academic representatives of all tendencies, praises Mas-Colell. In a statement they highlight that “from different positions of high political and social responsibility, for years it has been committed to the continuous improvement of our society with impact actions in science, innovation, talent and universities .”

In the opinion of this organization, all of this “represents in an extraordinary way everything that Barcelona Global wants for the city: the commitment to talent as an engine of progress, future, occupation and well-being”.

Mas-Colell will be one of the vice presidents. The others are Lluis Torner (Institute of Photonic Sciences), Carmina Ganyet (Colonial) and Jaume Oliu. Barcelona Global is a private non-profit association that includes 212 companies, research centers, business schools, entrepreneurs, universities and cultural institutions, as well as 840 professionals whose objective is to make the Catalan capital one of the best cities the world for talent and economic activity.

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