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Vox Launches A Campaign Against The Editor Of El Jueves

Vox launches a campaign against the editor of ‘El Jueves’. They publish the photo and the workplace of the RBA owner.

The Vox Twitter account has launched a message against Ricardo Rodrigo, as editor of the magazine ‘El Jueves’, after the publication in this satirical publication of several cartoons related to the extreme right.

Those responsible for the party’s networks incite their followers to act against Rodrigo, who they point out that he can be found “leaving his office on Barcelona’s Diagonal”. They also publish their photo and full name. The message has even been broadcast several times.

The campaign of the far-right party reacts against a series of cartoons entitled La Gang Voxura in which they mocked Ortega Lara, the prison official who was kidnapped by ETA and became the hostage who was held the longest by the terrorist gang . The cartoon warned of the dangers of spending a long time “facing the sun”, since Ortega Lara is a candidate for Vox. The satirical cartoon features an alleged Ortega Lara with his body full of blisters from sunburn.

‘El Jueves’ has always distinguished itself by charging against the extreme right, since the time of his character ‘Martínez el facha’, and Vox is usually the target of his pujas.

Various Twitter accounts have expressed their rejection of the far-right campaign and have asked that they stop being “whitewashed.”

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