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İzmir is home to the world’s first renewable energy exporters’ organization

Within the Aegean Exporters Association (EIB), Turkey’s maiden Renewable Energy Equipment and Service Exporters Association is going to be created in İzmir, called “the wind capital of Turkey.” In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Jak Eskinazi, the EB head coordinator, said that the new organization under the EB seeks to assist renewable energy firms in Turkey join forces by bringing them together under one roof to keep up with ever-evolving technology and R&D that is found in renewable energy industry.

He claimed that Turkey has made significant progress in the development of renewable energy equipment and that the country will soon be able to manufacture wind turbines almost entirely domestically. The process of forming the intended organization has begun, with 309 renewable energy companies, 200 of which are based in İzmir, being evaluated based on their output, services, and registered exports.

A sensitivity study will be conducted as part of the association’s work to develop a classification system which are for renewable energy exports. “In Turkey, there are no HS codes (harmonized system codes) for renewable energy exports. It is not registered because no code classifies an engine part utilized in a wind turbine as renewable energy equipment. It is categorized as military industry equipment. As a result, we need to develop HS codes for the renewable energy industry in order to measure the country’s potential,” Eskinazi explained.

Alper Kalayc, who serves as the chairman of ENSIA (Association of Energy Industrialists and Businessmen), stated they have already begun feasibility assessments and are looking at export businesses in the renewable energy industry to establish a cohesive coding system to encapsulate the Aegean Region’s export capability into a corporate structure.

“In the near future, initial steps will be conducted to merge the firms with matching HS codes under the canopy of the union which will be created in İzmir,” he stated. According to Kalayc, much of the essential technological work is already covered under the EU-funded “Best For Energy Project,” which began in 2020. ENSIA and the İzmir Development Agency are working together on this initiative to examine the 309 renewable energy enterprises that took part in the “Clean Energy and Clean Technology Capability Matrix (CLEANMATRIX)” research.

According to the findings, 67 percent of these businesses export, 90 percent have grown their revenue, and 83 percent have enhanced their profitability within the last two years. According to Kalayc, field surveys reveal that Turkey’s renewable energy equipment exports total over $500 million for every year.

“As the installed capacity of Turkey’s renewable energy resources grows each year, so will the production as well as export prospects of renewable energy equipment manufacturers.” When you consider this, the value of cooperation and teamwork in this industry becomes even more apparent,” he remarked.

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