Red Eagle Mining updates on Santa Rosa operations
Thursday, Sep 07, 2017
Red Eagle Mining Corporation is pleased to provide an update on operations at the Santa Rosa Gold Project, Antioquia, Colombia.

Mine Development

Underground development at the San Ramon Gold Mine continues to advance according to plan with 576 metres in July and 588 metres in August for a total of 3,463 metres completed year-to-date.  Development has been primarily focused on secondary access ramps, advancing six attack ramps and completing 24 ore headings on levels -75, -100, -125, -150 and -175 metres, measured from surface.  Prior to mill startup in January 2018, Red Eagle Mining expects to have stockpiled 21,000 tonnes of development ore through December 2017.

Add-on Paste Backfill Plant

Design of the planned paste plant continued during August with review of the proposed conventional flow sheet, material and water balance and the design of the underground reticulation system.  Negotiations are ongoing with several companies to identify the most appropriate plant supplier along with expedited logistics.


On Tuesday September 5, 2017, Red Eagle Mining’s warrants expiring on August 7, 2022, began trading on the TSX under the symbol R.WT.

Tim Petterson has stepped down from the Board of Directors to focus on his principal role as Chief Executive Officer of Black Eagle Mining which is developing metallurgical coal projects in Alberta and planning on listing on the TSX.  We thank him for his valuable contributions and wish him continued success with Black Eagle Mining.

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