Pure Gold commences test mining at Madsen Gold Project
Thursday, Jul 12, 2018
Pure Gold Mining Inc. is pleased to announce that it has extended the Madsen decline by 87 metres and commenced test mining within the first of two planned stopes from the McVeigh zone.  Mining through 13 metres of new linear development along the mineralized structure has returned muck samples averaging 18.8 g/t gold and chip samples averaging 15.3 g/t gold.  Results thus far have exceeded expectations in terms of grades and widths and have highlighted the clear visual nature of the mineralization.

The test mining is scheduled to complete in September 2018 with the planned extraction of approximately 7,200 tonnes of mineralized material.  The results from the test mining will be used to demonstrate lateral and vertical continuity of mineralization, as a validation of the resource model, and to provide geotechnical data in support of the ongoing definitive feasibility study (“DFS”). To date mineralization is strongly visual, characterized by silicification, diopside veining, brown biotite, and pale pink to brown potassium feldspar alteration, and the presence of visible gold.  Mineralization mined thus far supports the geometry of the geological model, exceeds the estimated resource with respect to gold grades, and exhibits excellent geotechnical conditions.

Ken Donner, Vice President, Operations, commented, “Our test mining and bulk sample program are key components of the Madsen Gold Project Definitive Feasibility Study. Ramp development was rapidly completed in excellent ground conditions, allowing lateral development to commence in late June.  Thus far, the underground geological team has demonstrated the ability to identify and follow the mineralized structure, and development has returned wide zones of high grade mineralization through the first stoping unit.  Grade control results to date have exceeded the resource model in this area.  Near surface, ramp-accessible high grade gold will form an important component of the mine schedule during a period when capital payback is important.”

The bulk sample program is designed to partially test two proposed stopes from the McVeigh zone, with an expected overall grade of approximately 8.1 g/t gold estimated from within the two stopes.  Within the area tested by mining thus far, the resource model estimated an average grade of 14.3 g/t gold, with an average width of approximately four metres.  To date, the Company has completed 87 metres of ramp development to access the bulk sample location at a vertical depth of approximately 160 metres and 20 metres of lateral development including 13 metres of development along the mineralized structure.

The Company has developed an extensive sampling program to characterize the mineralized material during this test phase.  Muck samples are selected in a regular pattern, with five individual muck samples taken from every second scoop bucket, resulting in one muck sample for every two tonnes of mining.   Chip samples are collected by utilizing a pneumatic chipper with two sampling lines completed across each development face.  In addition, the Company is collecting test hole data from each wall approximately 1 meter back from each face, as well as testing walls with a bazooka core drill.

In addition to bazooka drilling from underground, the Company continues to drill from surface as part of an expanded exploration program.  Currently two drill rigs are targeting the Wedge area, with a goal of expanding the mineralized zones and declaring maiden resources for the area in Q4 2018.

For more information, please visit: http://puregoldmining.ca

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